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to manage the server

You can manage your server via Telegram.
In example case below Bot can turn on, turn off, restart virtual machines, and even restore them from backup directly in the messenger.

You can contact the bot using the link for authorization.


Here you can add another account, as well as exit from all authorized accounts and return to the start page. 


There is a small help-page with useful links.


This is the magic button that you can click to control the VM. 

The main information about the selected machine is given on its page:

✓ Name
✓ IP address 
✓ Work Status 
✓ Amount of resources 

More actions that you can apply to VM:

✓ Turn off VM 
✓ Reboot VM with OS (Reboot OS) 
✓ Reload VM (Reset (Hard)) 
✓ Restore from backup 
✓ Update VM data - status, IP, name, resources - in case of changing the values ​​of these parameters 
✓ Open personal account Cloud 
✓ Back to the VM list 

If the VM is turned off, the interface looks like this.

When shutting down, restarting or “resetting”,
the VM bot requests to confirm the action.

Using a bot, you can restore VMs from system backups.
They exist in two versions: for “yesterday” and for “today”.
The first backup menu is opened by the “Backup” button.

After selecting a copy you need to confirm the action.
Pay attention to the recovery instruction
and recheck the selected copy.

Instead of advertising and conclusions

We do not know yet why you need a Telegram bot, but why not ...?)
We suggest that you try it and tell us about your impressions: how useful the chat bot is, how simple it is, and what the most important things should be added to it.

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